How To Install OS5 On Your Blackberry Curve 8520 Tutorial

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The easiest method is to use Blackberry Desktop Manager by connecting your phone and the updating it. This tutorial is for those who are still unable to update their device, after trying to run an update through Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Why doesn’t Blackberry Desktop Manager Update My Device?

All businesses are capitalists. By you using their devices, they own/control a part of your life. They use this to their advantage to make money. In America, where the population lives in a ‘democracy’ everybody gets the official update near-enough immediately. Whereas in other countries located in South America, Africa and Asia, RIM (the owner of Blackberry) forces the networks to buy contracts in order to be able to release the update. Of course, because your device is branded to a network, legally they have the right to stop you from updating. And if your network does not feel it is necessary to update the firmware, it will not waste money in purchasing distribution contracts.

So How Can I Update My Blackberry Curve 8520 To OS 5?

I’m not going to bother going through any of the details. OS5 increases battery life a little, a slightly better look; and of course you’ll be able to run way more themes!

First, ‘How to check what OS I have‘.


  1. Download and install Blackberry Desktop Manager from here. (You can also install it from the CD that came with your Blackberry).
  2. Download the OS5 file from here. You may notice it is for another network operator, or country – but this does not make much of a difference.
  3. Connect your Blackberry device to your computer and create a backup. This is very important because you will lose all files on your device! – Your memory card’s files will be fine.
  4. Once backed up, double click on the file you downloaded in step two. Select your country if asked – sometimes it is better to select countries such as UK or USA for future update purposes.
  5. The open dialogue box will now install OS 5 onto your computer. Once that has completed it will ask you whether you want to open Blackberry Desktop Manager. Tick the box and click finish.
  6. It may take several minutes for Blackberry DM (Desktop Manager) to load.
  7. A small dialogue will appear and say that it is searching for device updates. A few seconds later it will ask whether you want to install these upgrades. Click Update Now and you will be taken to a summary page.
  8. From here follow the steps to reinstall specific apps if required. Once you hit finish, it may take up to 45 minutes for the new OS to install onto your device and reboot. Once the Blackberry DM says the upgrade is complete, your device should reboot. You will get a message saying that your device has been registered to the Blackberry Network. If you do not get such message, you will need to resend your service books from the settings menu.
Please be aware that the first few reboots may take longer that usual as your device settles in to the new OS.
(If anyone has anything to add to this article, including screenshots, please contact me here. Images to support the instructions are coming soon!)
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