Blackberry Theme: DreamTorch OS6 Emulator (8520 Version)


This is DreamTorch; the best Blackberry OS6 emulator theme for the Blackberry Curve 85xx series, including the 8520 and 8530i. As you may know, the OS6 update is never┬ácoming to the 85xx series, so if you want your handset software to look and operate like an OS6 device – I suggest you download this theme for FREE!

The theme offers a brand new look and feel for your device – similar to that of a native OS6 device! The theme has proved incredibly popular with over 200,000 downloads in less than six months! (Check the comments below for proof!)

The theme has been tested and confirmed working on the Curve 8520 and 8530i running OS5. For information on how to upgrade to OS5, read this.

To download this theme visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the OTA link(s) below. Click here for more help.

If after downloading, you cannot find this theme under ‘Theme Options’ you need to update your device to OS5 using this tutorial.
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