What to play on your Blackberry

Although Blackberry was for a long time considered a strictly business phone, its popularity has started to grow among users of all categories, including those interested in using their phone as a gaming device (among other things). For those of you playing on your Berry, here is my Top Three of games available for this phone. As all other tops, this is also subjective – so don’t hate me for not including your favorite game. Here it is.

3. Cut the Rope Experiments

The Cut the Rope series is among my favorite logic / skill games. I have first met Om Nom, the candy-munching monster on a friend’s Android phone, and I suddenly fell in love with it (well, not literally, of course). I was delighted to find out it was available for Blackberry as well – and I spent the next weekend hunting stars and cutting ropes.

Cut the Rope: Experiments (as well as its prequel, the equally fun Cut the Rope) is available at the BlackBerry World for $1.99. Worth every penny.

2. Pac-Man

An all time classic – and one of my favorite childhood video games – has found its way on my BlackBerry among the first ones. As a child, I spent countless hours – and countless quarters – comping dots around the playfield, trying to avoid the colored ghosts who in turn were out for my (blood?). I think I’m not the only one to consider Pac-Man one of the most entertaining arcade games in history.

The BlackBerry version of Pac-Man comes with an incredible variety of 256 levels, and provides its fans (yours truly included) with hours of fun to fit in their pockets. The game is available from BlackBerry World for $0.99.

1. Red Flush

You might find this one unusual, but it does not change my preferences: the game I play the most and with the most pleasure is one that I have to pay for playing. Actually not just one, but a whole series of games are included here: slot machines, card games, table games and such.

To play the best casino games directly on your Phone you don’t even need to install anything. This means it won’t occupy any of your storage space, and still offer you a bunch of great games to play and even the chance to win some cash in the process.

The package provided by Red Flush contains seven great titles to play with. For me, a huge fan of video slot machines, is the perfect game to play on a mobile phone.

As I said above, this top three list is completely subjective – it reflects my personal favorites. What are your favorite BlackBerry games? Leave a comment for us to find out…

Blackberry Theme: 7Berry (Dark & Light Versions)

The 7Berry theme comes in 2 variations; Dark and Light! This unique Windows 7-styled theme gives your device a real feel of the latest Microsoft OS.


  • 6 mini icons fix
  • 5 icons configurable
  • Hide window with 6 icon configurable (8 in Storm)
  • Big Clock & Battery
  • Today screen

This theme has been confirmed working on 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600 and 9700 running OS5.

To download this theme, visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the links below!

89xx: [Dark]   [Light]
90xx: [Dark]   [Light]
95xx: [Dark]   [Light]
96xx: [Dark]   [Light]
97xx: [Dark]   [Light]



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Blackberry Theme: Ace

Ace has an “app card” design similar to the coverflow idea that you’ll really enjoy.It comes with 5-6 customizable icons at the top, which you can access via the “custom” button as well as 4 (locked) quick access icons for your Profiles, Weather, Facebook and clock. In addition, Ace has a dedicated weather Icon, 10-11 (locked) quick access app card icons and a Today style preview area so you don’t have to open your messages and calendar apps to see what’s inside. You won’t be able to change your wallpaper on this one because the awesome app cards will be rockin the majority of the homescreen.Ace is very organized and pretty so you can forget about the application list.


This theme has been confirmed working on most 9700, 8900, 9630 models running OS5. Please do not contact me if it doesnt work on any other variations!


To download this theme, visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the link(s) below. Click here for more help.

89xx 96xx 97xx
OTA Download OS5 Download OS5 Download OS5



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Blackberry Theme: ZenFire

An ‘old-style’ OS6 theme with OS7 icons, six icon zen-style dock, custom menus and background, custom screen animations and call background, profile icon, weather slot and lightweight size! – only 400kb!

This theme is compatible with Blackberry Curve 9300 3G running OS6.

To download this theme visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the OTA links below…

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Blackberry App: Loudtalks Push-To-Talk Turns Your Blackberry Into A Walkie Talkie

Loudtalks specializes in quick, realtime communication and has launched several applications for mobile devices, desktop PCs and tablets. Loudtalks Push-To-Talk is specifically made with the Blackberry handheld in mind.

The application packs features like no other, including the ability to talk to upto 100 participants; one-touch message sending with 1 second call setup time; connection to multiple platform users; user accounts and much, much more!

Full details about this application can be found here.

To download this theme, please visit this page from your Blackberry browser and click the download link below…

Click here to download

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How To Speed Up Your Blackberry, No Downloads Etc!

Not a lot of people are aware of this…

If you’re Blackberry is moving slow, there’s a quick and easy way to immediately speed it up, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to your home screen
2. Hold down the ALT key
3. Type ‘LGLG’
4. A new windows should appear. Press the menu key. Select clear log.

There you go! Believe me it works!

Why does it work? What does it do?
Your blackberry records all of the processes it carries out. Most of these recordings are useless and are usually used to diagnose a problem. Unless your Blackberry always breaks down and you need to send it off you should be safe doing the steps above!

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Blackberry Messenger To Come To iPhone & Android!?

This is news that will shock Blackberry owners worldwide, but a new report today claims that the Candian smartphone-giant, RIM, is working on new plans to bring the popular Blackberry Messenger service to users of both Android and iOS devices!

According to a report by BGR; Research In Motion is looking at the recent success of copycat services such as PingChat and clearly feels that it should create a cross-platform instant messaging service.

“According to our sources, Research In Motion has not yet finalized details surrounding timing or pricing, but we have heard that the company might make the software free to all users. We are also told strategy is still being developed, however, RIM may end up charging users a one time free, or even a recurring free for access to BBM on third-party platforms.”

The real question is whether RIM will make as much money from charging users the service fee instead of selling the premium handheld device supporting BBM. After-all, if you ask any BlackBerry owner why they love their phone, it all points to BBM. And that means they’ll probably switch manufacturers if it’s available on other devices!

I’m a little skepticle about this whole idea of RIM allowing it’s competitors access to its unique selling point. Yes, this is a great idea – and yes i would move to an iPhone, but that would most likely be the end of RIM’s hardware development. Instead, if this happens, they will become a software developing company – which they’re not good at anyway!

More speculations from BGR suggest that and Android version of BBM may be released this year. With no specific time, this could lead to the new innovation being released in 9 months time! Personally, I can’t wait that long… But I guess BBM on an iPhone or on a slick Android device is worth the wait!


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Blackberry Theme: SixtyONE

Another simple and leightweight theme; wallpaper friendly, six icon dock and OS 6.1 icons!

  • OS7 classic wallpaper
  • OS 6.1 icons
  • Hidden dock
  • Customized digital clock
  • Customized banner, menu and list cursors
  • Wallpaper friendly

This theme is compatible with Blackberry Bold 9700, 9780 and 9650 running OS6.

To download this theme visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the OTA links below…

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Blackberry Theme: Ember

Ember is a dark, elegant & ultra colourful theme that’s so organized, you’ll finally be able to ditch the application list.Ember is rockin’ 6-7 customizable icons, a weather slot, 9-11 locked “block” icons and a Today Preview area for the 95xx devices. Ember has been tailored for each device individually so make sure to check out those screenshots! As you can see, Ember is all about sporting colourful icons so you won’t be able to use a custom wallpaper on this one…you’re not going to want to anyways.


This theme has been confirmed working on all 95xx models running OS5. Please do not contact me if it doesnt work on any other variations!


To download this theme, visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the link(s) below. Click here for more help.

OTA Download OS5



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Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 Review!

With Apple overtaking Blackberry’s marketshare, it was about time for RIM to release the 9900 into the wild. This Blackberry Bold offers some new, vibrant technology and is one of the mind-captivating devices by RIM yet! The 1.2 GHz processor, OS7, high spec touch screen and 5MP camera with HD video recording is not all new to us; but surely an upgrade from the almost pointless 9780 predecessor.

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Design & Weight

Weighing in at only 130g, this QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen device is fairly light compared to its rivals; the Samsung Galaxy and Nokia E series. RIM have also followed in the steps of many others, and made the device thinner, giving a new sleek and sexy look.


Now finally, a serious upgrade. The Bold 9900 packs a whooping 8GB of internal storage, enough to store over 2500 MP3s! And if that still isn’t enough, the MicroSDHC slot is compatible with cards upto 32GB.

Physical Enhancements & Changes

Apart from the re brushing of the surface; expected remoulding of the shell, the only other obvious change is the location of the lock button. Instead of having both a play/pause button, the new Bold 9900 only features a single ‘lock’ button in the centre.


Being a touchscreen device it is essential to have enough ‘finger space’ to play with. Although it is not as big as the Torch; the 9900 boasts an impressive 2.8inch ‘retina’ screen.


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